My artistic practice addresses the role of the artist as archeologist, historian, and storyteller; collecting and studying remnants of the past to create histories and narratives influenced by their own memories, perceptions, and experience.  As a place-based artist I revel in the thrill and the challenge of finding my subject matter in my current environment.  While the subject matter of abandoned houses and the surrounding landscape has remained the same in my work, the conceptual content behind each piece changes and develops based on the specific place I explore, the experiences I have while there, and historical information I find through later research. 

I relish the process of searching and collecting, and the tactile nature of my work and art-making process.  My continued study and exploration of these abandoned houses enriches my understanding of history, landscape, the permanent and ephemeral, and the idea of home.  It is my hope that my work quietly reveals and complicates these notions for the viewer as well.

Questions? Comments? Abandoned house locations?

I'd love to hear from you! katelynbladel@gmail.com